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Who is applying for 2006?


As a tar heel this pains me to post here, but the school is excellent and is high on my list.  Durham gets a bad rap too.  I'm going for an informative interview and tour with the law school next week and hope to submit my apps soon after that.  Good luck to everyone.

Most people on these boards are already in law school.  Head over to the pre-law board, where the majority of people are applying this year or maybe next.

Thanks for the info Jacy.

I do have a question for current Duke Law students...

Next Thursday I'm going for a campus tour and interview.  I'd also like to attend a class or two.  Which prof should I email to sit in on a class?

CivPro ( 4) (Fisk, 4045)

CivPro ( 2 & 6) (Rowe, 3037)

CivPro ( 1&5) (Carrington, 3043)

CivPro ( 3) (Metzloff, 4042)

1:30 - 2:50
Contracts ( 5&6) (Weistart, 3037)

Contracts ( 1&2) (Haagen, 3041) 1:50-2:50

Contracts ( 3&4) (Reichman, 3043) 1:30-2:51

3:00 - 4:00
LAR&W .02 (Linnartz/Dunshee, 4045)
 (by the way, what is this?  Legal research and writing seminar?)

Thanks for your help.


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