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Anyone starting Stetson in the Spring?


I sent my deposit today--can't wait for Jan to come around. So now the debate is do I move across the bay (I'm in Tampa now)?

Any Stetson students out there? What do you think about living near campus? Is there a huge benefit? Also just a general question--I understand that as a 1L a lot of your schedule is planned out for you but if you start in the Spring 'must' you take courses your first summer?

Werbz, I actually just started this semester as a 1L, Congrats on your acceptance.  I live directly across from campus and it seems to be a very nice benefit.  However, Stetson has two campuses - one in Gulfport and then the Tampa campus where a large part of the part time classes seem to be.  With my schedule, at least, you are on campus for most of the day - so I dont think you would be in a position where you are communting back and forth more than once.  Also, the tampa campus also has a law librairy which might benefit you since you're closer.

If you are interested in living very close to campus - the Golfview Condominium complex is directly across the street.  I live there now and there are tons of FOR RENT and FOR SALE signs up.  You might want to look into it.

Congrats again!

Thanks! How's your first semester going?

I saw the Golfview complex and it looked pretty nice... There are lots of houses around the campus--are most of them rented by law students? That's really the only thing that was strange to me about the campus (that it seams to be located in a residential area).

The Tampa campus will be nice for me if I can get classes there. Do you know how many courses as a 1L you can take there? I heard the offerings there were not as numerous as Gulfport (understandably so). I didn't even know there was a library in Tampa. Bonus.

A friend of mine here lives in N.Tampa and is hating the drive.  She is moving next week a bit closer, but still in Tampa.  Somewhere near Gandy (I am not from here).  I know it is right across the bridge. She thinks that will be perfect for her since most of her friends,etc. are in Tampa.  I live about 3 miles from campus right in St. Pete. which is about 10min drive.  So it is close enough for me.  I am there pretty much all day.  If you are one of those who needs the library at night, then closer would probably be better.  The houses are for students, but they have a waiting list.  Stetson also has dorms.  I don't know how they are, but I haven't heard anything bad about them yet.

Congrats on your acceptance, I remember reading your posts on the other side of LSD.


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