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PMBR Multistate CDs for sale

PMBR Multistate CDs for sale
« on: September 20, 2005, 01:56:08 AM »
PMBR Multistate CDs for sale on the following subjects:

1) Constitutional law, 2) Contracts and 3) Criminal law

Please e-mail me if interested.

Contracts 7 CD'S-
Lecture presentation by Professor Daniel Fessler, UC Davis
6 Basic Contracts Issues; Offer; Acceptance; Mistake; Ambiguity; Parol Evidence Rule; Consideration; Defenses to Formation; Third Party Beneficiaries; Assignment/Delegation; Conditions & Excuse; Anticipatory Repudiation and Voluntary Disablement; Adequate Assurances of Performance; Discharge of Duty; Impossibility; Impracticability; Frustration of Purpose; Remedies for Breach; UCC Art. 2 Provisions and Remedies.

Constitutional Law 5 CD's
Lecture presentation by Steven Palmer, PMBR Associate Director
Federal Judicial Review; Standing; Ripeness; Mootness; Political Questions; 11th Amendment; Abstention; Separation of Powers; Federal Legislative Power; Commerce Power; 10th Amendment; Taxing/Spending Power; Federal Executive Power; Interbranch Checks/Balances; Federalism; Immunities; Dormant Commerce Clause; State Taxation of Interstate Commerce; Supremacy Clause; Protection of Individual Rights; Bill of Rights; Retroactive legislation; Bill of Attainder; Due Process; Right to Privacy, Travel, Vote; Equal Protection/Standards of Review; Strict Scrutiny; Rational Basis Test; First Amendment; Freedom of Religion; Free Exercise Clause; Regulation of Speech Content; Freedom of Association; Defamation; Freedom of the Press; Commercial Speech.

Criminal Law 3 CDs
by lecturer Robert Feinberg.
Classification of Crimes
Elements of Crimes
Inchoate Crimes (Solicitation, Conspiracy, Attempt)
Murder / Crimes Against the Person
Crimes Against Property - Theft Crimes & Crimes Against the Dwelling

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Which are still available?  please respond to

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I may be interested in the Criminal Law CDs, if still available.  Thanks!