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tell me about law school cliques...


tell me about law school cliques...
« on: August 27, 2005, 10:35:50 PM »
alright, it's hard for me to envision them, but they existed in my undergrad university. this was especially true within the small public affairs school that i belonged to, which was a small part of the larger university and was therefore, in many ways, like a law school... so it's almost hard for me to see my current law school not being the same. though i know law students tend to be more mature, and have more real life experience, etc., do cliques form in the average law school, or does it entirely depend on the school that one attends? if so, do they form among those who are on law review, leaders of students organizations, the best students, etc., or just among people who happen to know and like one another? i truly hope that it's the latter, but if it is the former, i might have to take action quickly. i really hate cliques, and i did all through undergrad, but i also know the importance of getting to the point where you are cool with the people who are in them. i'm wondering what some current 2L's or 3L's might think about this. thanks!


Re: tell me about law school cliques...
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2005, 08:17:57 AM »
I'm with you, nate, as I eschewed the clique since middle school and found 1L very frightening for that very reason. Having class with the same people in your section during 1L makes it easy for cliques to form, and I'm hoping that it diffuses a bit during 2L when everyone has different classes and new activities like law review, moot court, and clinicals to focus on. I found that the cliques were pretty much the same as in high school: pretty girls with pretty girls, jocks with jocks, smarties with smarties. They also tend to form study groups along those lines. There's more gossip than I would have expected too, but what can you do?

However, there were floaters like me and others that weren't completely a part of other groups but were friendly with most everyone and went out with cliques on occasion. My advice would be to do that, unless there are genuinely a few people who you really click with. I think after 1L people will make friends with people in their new more specialized classes and extracurricular activities; even now, I'm meeting new people on law journal that I genuinely like a lot. Good luck!