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Good/Bad 1L Professors at BU


I just checked online and found out who my 1L Professors will be for this fall.  I have no idea who's good or bad.  If anyone has any info, your input is much appreciated!

Caruso - Contracts
Bone - Civil Procedure
Farnsworth - Torts
Ryckman - Property

Didn't have any of them, but my roommates last year did.  Ryckman is supposed to be the hardest, and sort of scary because he is supposed to be sort of tough and a little mean, but just be prepared and you will be fine.  Caruso is supposed to be wonderful, my boyfriend loved her, she speaks with an Italian accent I am told.  Bone is very tall and a little gangly, but supposed to be pretty good and not a Ryckman type guy.  I know nothing about Farnsworth. 

Thanks for the info.  Not too excited about getting stuck with the hardest prof, but at least I now have a heads up.

No problem, and don't dispair, it won't be that bad and will definitely be a learning experience and confidence builder once you have been on call once.  BTW, the BU Law Yahoo Board is probably a great place to ask these questions, it's at, because there are a lot more BU upper class students there so you have a greater probability of a helpful answer.

prof. ryckman:
Ryckman is known for being the hardest prof at BUSL...expect to hear mention of his name at least a few times at Orientation.  He deserves his repution, but you will learn an enormous amount in his hard, as he gives at least one F every year.

Farnsworth is excellent, Caruso is good, though some find her accent difficult to understand.


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