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« on: August 17, 2005, 09:04:36 AM »
I should have posted this here....

On the off chance that one of the current UT students responds I have a couple questions....

First, the only prep work I've done so far is learning how to brief cases and going through a very basic book - "Acing Your First Year", is this adequate (not that I can do anything if it's not)?

Also, remembering back to orientation, how dressed up should I be - khaki shorts and polo, dockers and polo or button up, or something with a tie?

Is anyone else bringing someone with them tonight?  As long as my wife gets off work in time she's coming with me.  Hope everyone is all set for orientation and enjoys their last couple hours before officially becoming 1L's, see you tonight.

Re: Tonight???
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Your prepping is adequate. You will be able to find your assignments for the first week on the second floor and you should read those before classes next week.

There is no real dress code for orientation.

Yep! Bring your wife tonight if you would like.