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« on: August 08, 2005, 01:17:52 PM »

In order to pass any state Bar Exam, you must have really good outlines for all subjects. I made mine and passed it in my first try. My outlines were so good that many have asked for it and results were great for them as well. Therefore, I have decided to help other law students who wishes to pass CA Bar at once by selling them. Each outline consists of two parts: 1) Very Detailed BARBRI Lecture notes, and 2) Short, Must Know For Exam Outlines. Each outline also includes hot topics that are frequently tested on CA Bar Exam.

If you can*t afford to take BARBRI or PMBR, at least help yourself by getting really detailed outlines. I have a few students who passed the CA Bar exam without taking Barbri nor PMBR. All they did was study with my outlines and do many practice exams. 


For $50, you can*t afford to pass this opportunity to get away. I f you like to get your sample outline or to purchase, please e-mail me:

It is never too early to start preparing for February Bar Exam. Get your outlines today.

If you are not a bar exam taker, but want to purchase individual outlines, please visit and click on education. Each outline sells for $9.99. You won*t regret it. Be on top of your class.