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american PT students for this fall!


say hello!

the admissions "blog" is crap, what a terrible idea for a place to exchange messages between incoming students.

anyone reading this?  ???

Hi! I'm PT this fall too. I haven't even looked at the admissions blog...why is it so bad? Did you get your profs for fall yet? I have Ruskola for contracts and Gilmer for Torts. Got most of my books for contracts on the Internet but nothing posted yet for Torts.  :-\

Maybe I'll see you soon!

yeah I have Ruskola and Gillmer as well, I wonder if all PT students are in those two sections?

I was wondering about the remaining books that were needed as well, I guess we'll get an opportunity to get those at orientation.  The admissions blog is located here:, the password is in the registration materials you should have received.  It's not very useful because it's in a blog layout, with people communicating via comments.


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