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Hardest 1L Class?

Re: Hardest 1L Class?
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Legal writing is usually pass/fail isn't it? Didn't put too much stress on me.

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I think it depends on ur professor and how competent or difficult they are at teaching the course. I found that to really make or break the educational experience for me. In the end, you end up teaching yourself anyway. My Civ Pro prof was terrible. That was the hardest class for me.

Re: Hardest 1L Class?
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Definitely agree that it completely depends on the professor.

Here is my break down:
Contracts - My most difficult class because the professor was not clear at all and no one knew what she wanted on the final.  However, I don't think the material itself is inherently difficult. 

Property - I think overall this is the most difficult material, but my professor did a good job of teaching so I actually finished with my highest grade. 

Civ Pro - Much different than other classes but if you learn the rules fairly well it isn't extremely difficult

Torts - Probably the easiest concept wise.  My professor was very clear and the material was easy to understand.  I do know that one of the other sections at my school felt completely different about this class than anyone in my section

Legal Writing - Probably the most work but not difficult.

Criminal Law - Not difficult, also helps that the cases are for the most part more interesting. 


Re: Hardest 1L Class?
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Legal Writing was not pass fail it was graded on the curve like all the other classes. The amount of work required for that class made it extremely stressful and yes the the teacher was aweful. In fact, my class was that teachers last clas....

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Just finished my first year.  I had to work extra hard in Property.

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Not only will this vary by personality and aptitude, but it will be largely affected by the professor.

I think Torts is the easiest, subject-matter wise.  Just memorize the rules as stated in the flashcards.  This one is only hard if you try to cull the rules from the casebook yourself.

Contracts is mostly variations on the three main elements.  If only it hadn't taken me til November to figure that out.

Civ Pro is statutory, which I think makes things easier.

Crim does have the capacity to be the most interesting.

Property can really suck if your brain just doesn't rap itself around future interests.  The Rule against Perpetuities is an exercise in futility that causes most law students hours of frustration.  This is my vote for the hardest subject matter.

Legal Writing may or may not count much towards your GPA, but it is the only class that teaches you how to write like a lawyer (assuming your prof is competant).  Oddly enough that is the only skill that will matter on your exams once you have memorized the rules.

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All bullsh!t aside, PROPERTY is the hardest 1L course you can take.

Property and Civ Pro are generally considered the two toughest because of their complexity, but Property wins out in the end b/c the rules of Civil Procedure are more easily memorized due to the fact that you see how they all fit together from procedures before trial, during trial, and after trial.  Its the practical application of what we do as lawyers.

The substantive law behind property unfortunately does not fit into the same "big picture" category.  Future Interests could be (and sometimes is) a class all by itself.  Its all about who gets to keep property, when they get the property, what they can and can't do with the property, the rights of property owners, etc. and much of it is contrary to what you thought about property as a layperson - such as the concept of adverse possession which basically says I can set up shop on your land for X years without paying you a dime and if you don't kick me off it legally becomes my land. :P

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Right before our Property exam someone was cursing our free market system.  Darn capitalists, if only we had lost the cold war, then we wouldn't have property law.  So I said, "Darn capitalists, how about Darn William the Conquerer."  He was the Norman conquerer who started this mess and gave property parcels to his knights.  One of the reasons property is so confusing is because some of the legal concepts have been around for about a thousand years and the reasons behind them are long gone.  While most of the other subjects defer to reasonable persons or economic sensibilites, Property law has concepts that you have to learn that make very little common sense.  It's a lot harder to learn something when there doesn't appear to be a reason for it.  *I may have gotton the name wrong but it was some king who started this mess.


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The hardest class for me was (incidentally) the most useful and intriguing one (well, I'm not always so nice, you guessed it -- the Legal Writing and Research class :)


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Beyond future interests, I thought property was pretty easy. My grade didnt reflect that though.

I thought Civ Pro was tough, but that is because I didnt know the rules as well as I should have.  But even then, my prof was pretty difficult so I am not sure how well I would have done then.

Contracts was WAY out there.  THe subject is not inherently difficult, but my professor was absolutely theoretical with crazy hypo's, which until I had old outline, did I understand what he was getting at.  I just wish I had that outline at the beginning of the year.

Torts - on the test just mention any possible defense/charge/issue and your fine.