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Selling LEEWS and various Examples & Explanations

Selling LEEWS and various Examples & Explanations
« on: July 26, 2005, 03:52:01 PM »
I have a LEEWS cassette course in very good condition, Plant Law School II, and several E&E (I will repost this evening, but I believe I have Crim. Contracts and Torts), also in very good condition.

Please contact me at if interested, or check back later for more details.


Re: Selling LEEWS and various Examples & Explanations
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2005, 09:44:09 PM »
Ok, here's the update:

I have found my LEEWS cassettes, but am currently missing the primer.  If someone wants to make me an offer, if I find the primer I'll throw it in.

Examples & Explanations:

   Criminal Law 3rd edition - $29 including shipping, almost perfect condition, zero writing or highlighting, few smudges on outer page edges, but inside perfect

   Contracts 3rd edition - gently used, notes on a couple pages I think, but I can't even find them now...$27 including shipping

   The Law of Torts 2nd edition - $21 including shipping, zero writing in side, like new.  Super helpful book :)

     Property (1st edition) - $23 including shipping... some wear to cover, but perfect inside.

OTHER stuff:

How to Do Your Best on Law School Exams - John Delaney.  Very good shape, cover slightly bent.  No writing inside.  $22 including shipping.

Learning Legal Reasoning - John Delaney.  Perfect condition.  $20 including shipping.

The ABCs of the UCC, Article 1, Article 2, and Related and Supplementary Consumer Law (3 books)  Paid $90 - one of these is still in the shrink wrap, but I definitely used the other has some minor highlightin.  Selling for $50.

Still trying to find my copy of Planet Lawschool II

Law School Confidential - very good condition, slight damage to cover, not revised edition.  $10 including shipping.

Okay, let me know if you are interested ( and I can get them right out to you.  I'm definitely willing to negotiate if you want to buy more than one.

I'll check back if I find anymore!


Re: Selling LEEWS and various Examples & Explanations
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2005, 08:56:30 PM »
update:  Delaney books are gone