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When Do 1L usually start looking for 1L summer jobs??


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Re: When Do 1L usually start looking for 1L summer jobs??
« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2005, 07:07:09 PM »
There's a huge difference between ABA standards that schools are obligated to follow to keep their accreditation and NALP guidelines.  NALP is a completely voluntary organization to join and does not represent all legal employers.         

The Nov/Dec. 1 guidelines are "General Principles" that NALP encourages schools to adopt, but I don't believe they're binding to any parties (inferring from the language "should") in order to keep their NALP membership.   (scroll to bottom)  Also, if you send your resume in early, it doesn't seem like there are any serious repercussions.  See

So...if your school didn't adopt that particular NALP standard, and you're interested in non-NALP employers (like a small firm or public interest org), by all means contact them or send your resume in sooner if you think it'll help you.

I asked a similar question on the main discussion board but no one has answered it.  Tehre has been a lack of communication between our career services office and the 1Ls (in all fairness, there are several new staff in the office that just started this month).  Several of us thought, based on a handout from the CS office, that you could send out resumes after November 1 -- you just can't send them to NALP employers until Dec. 1.

So a couple of us sent out resumes last week to some contacts we have.  We didn't intend to "cheat."  But it appears that we might have accidentally done so, which worries us....  Are there any consequences for mistakenly mailing resumes a week or two too early?

who cares - those are guidelines, not absolute rules. no worries. its dec. now anyways.