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July 12th letter for anyone who may not be able to access their PDFs


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July 12, 2005

Dear Incoming Student:

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and are looking forward to the start of classes.

Enclosed you will find a First Year Program Selection Form. Please complete and return the form
to the Admissions Office no later than July 22nd in order to ensure that your tuition bill reflects the
correct charges and that you will be registered for the correct number of classes. If you prefer, you can
complete the form online and submit it to our office through the Admitted Student Website (ASW). The
Program Selection Form can be found on the “Forms” page of the ASW. Evening students who are
undecided about which program to choose are encouraged to view the curriculum and course information
on the ASW.

The Law School does not require students to have a computer, however the faculty and
administration strongly recommend that each student have a computer. Information on technology and
computer use at the law school has recently been added to the ASW under “Library and Technology” This
includes information on the recommended computer configuration for those of you planning to purchase a
computer as well as information about the use of computers at the law school to help you determine if you
should have a desktop or notebook computer.

The tuition rates for the 2005-2006 academic year are now available on the ASW. As you will
see, Temple Law School remains one of the best values in legal education.

In order to protect the privacy of your Social Security Number (SSN), Temple University has
assigned a unique Temple University identification number to all students. Your new TUid will become
Temple’s primary way of identifying you. With this new ID in place, your Social Security number will no
longer be required for routine administrative functions except those required by law, including tax
purposes. All TUid numbers begin with the number 9 and will appear on your Owl Card, the photo
identification card issued to all students. Your TUid number will be sent to you via e-mail within the next

In the coming weeks you will receive additional information including how to access your Temple
Law AccessNet account which included e-mail, the incoming class listserv and the first week of classes.
In the meantime, you are certainly welcome to stop in and visit the law school or call us with any
questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you at registration on August 22nd.


Johanne L. Johnston
Director of Admissions, Financial Aid
and Enrollment Management