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for people who live in the area:
Does anyone have any suggestions for good gyms and/or hair salons/stylists in the area?  Not really related to law school...

Jessica J:
I could probaly be more helpful if I knew in what area you are planning on living, and what your preferences are as far as food and  the priciness of everything.


jessica- she posted under the arkansas - little rock board, so she's presumably talking about little rock, arkansas.

If you are talking about what part of Little Rock, it really doesn't matter for hair salons, but the west side or near the law school for a gym.


  J.P. fitness ( is in the TCBY tower downtown.  WHile I didn't get to visit the facility, I called the gym around 9 p.m. the other night only to find that J.P. forwards all calls to his house after he leaves the gym!  I talked to him about 15 minutes and he seemed friendly and very dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly.  He reccommended that I join the huge discussion group on his website to get some ideas for fitness plans.  If you sign up for an annual membership it's 49.99 a month or you can go at it monthly for 59.99.  The gym also offers several fitness classes for free.  Hope this helps!


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