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Boston University v. Boston College


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I would go with University!


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Here is some advice on doing well at Suffolk and law school in general.  My key to success was to develop a routine and stick with it was much as possible.  I went to the library directly after class, I studied until about 7 or 8 at night without many interruptions.  I didn't deviate from this routine much at all.  For many of my other classmates I would hear that they were in the library until midnight every night.  That to me is nuts.  The reason that they were there that late was because everytime I was going to my locker to get more books or take a short break I would see them chatting with other people and not focusing on what they needed to do to prepare for classes.  For some people this is not the ideal routine, but the key to success is figuring out what works best for you and sticking to it.  I also did not really become best friends with anyone at school.  I found that people who had really good friends at school were always focused on school and even when they were "relaxing" they were still discussing the law.  What I did was mainly stick to myself and maintain friendships outside of law school.  I always made time each day to do something that was completely unrelated to school like watch TV or go to the gym.  You have to do those things to stay sane.  On the weekends I would focus on outlining.  I suggest you start outlining about 3 or 4 weeks into classes and try to update your outline each weekend, like Contracts and Torts on Sat and Property and Civ Pro on Sun.  I used my class notes to start the outlines and filled in the gaps with Emmanuels.  Closer to exam time I would take every practice exam I could get my hands on and use E&E questions to make sure I knew all of the big stuff.  Another piece of advice, don't get wrapped up in study groups.  They may work for some people, but I found that study groups were not that helpful and always turn into a gossip session.  Some people learn well in a group, I don't and found it to be a waste of time.  THe only time study groups were useful for me was close to exam time when I would get together with a small group and go over spotting issues on past exams.  For what it's worth this is how I succeeded in law school, but the trick is finding what works best for you.
As for getting a job in the top 5% of the class at Suffolk I have talked with many people and they have told me that the Boston market is very competitive because there are so many law schools.  The top students at Suffolk compete with the bottom 50% of the students at BU and BC.  With that being said Suffolk is still a great school and everyone will get a job, but it is just more difficult.

Paragraphs are your friend! :)

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[...] someone a**hole [...]

It's "some a**hole person" ...

How is it possible you made it to the top of the class when you can't properly form a sentence, not to mention that you don't use paragraphs?!  ???

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That's a pretty harsh thing to say based on a simple little typo and failure to use paragraphs in an online post.  I think maybe you're taking this board a little too seriously if you think what I write on here has anything to do with how I perform in law school.

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I would go wherever you feel comfortable. The BC students will say that BC profs are better, which I actually agree with, while the BU students will say their profs are better. Yale and Harvard do the same thing. Its stupid. I would just go wherever you feel the most comfortable. I would probably go with BC though; I don't think BU has really created as good a reputation as BC as of yet, but it may in the next five or so years.

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This is an old posting. I think BC is a better school, but I think the OP made her decision. It looks like she went to BC, which is probably the best bet. Congrats!

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I actually chose BU for several reasons, but mostly because they gave me more money.  I probably however would have been happier at BC and do agree that it is probably a better school.  I got a SA position so I guess in the long run it didn't really matter either way.