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1Ls at UB?

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I am off to UB this fall and was wondering if anyone else out there wanted to start an email group or message board online to discuss things.  We can find out who is in each other's sections/courses and it might benefit us all to know some people going in.

I am in the evening division, Section 419.  Hope to hear from you soon and good luck this Fall!

Congrats Nuzzle!

I am going to the part-time day program at UB (section 339). 

The Cartel:
congrats to all, I am in the full time day program section 319.

I'm in day section 339 as well DOCLAW.
Anyone else getting excited/nervous?

I am both nervous and excited :o.   I have been out of school for a while, have a busy 2 year old and will be working PT.  Hence the part time status.  Balletstr18, I will see you when school starts.  The only class I will not have is torts.  I plan to work or read during that time.


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