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What do my fellow soon to be 1L's think of Kelo vs. New London?

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    Here's a link to the decision,   

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     I'm not finished reading the decision, nor do I feel adequately educated to intelligently discuss it (that's what law school's for right?) but I'll post what I think in a few days anyway because I'm very upset by it and would like to know what you guys think about it.

i really hope this post was flame

It is a simple case of the greater good winning out.  Legally, I cannot give an opinion, but looking briefly at the subject matter I can understand.  I grew up just 20 minutes from New London, CT and it is a real armpit.  As long as displaced citizens are fairly compensated, then they can move a any location nearby while the city revitilizes the community.
Chris Hoover

   Forgive my newness to posting on any kind of discussion board, but what is "flame"?  I'm assuming it's a statement meant to piss people off and get them to start talking or something of that nature.  Enlighten me please.

   Chris, are you an incoming law student at UALR?  If so nice to meet you and I'm sure I'll see you in the fall. 
    I'm going to post a lot more about this in the next few days after I read the decision again and think about it but thought I'd start off with a few questions to get this discussion started;

    1.  Does anyone see this as a personal liberties issue, as in part of the fifth amendment is essentially being wiped out? When should a justice rely on how they see precedent vs. what they determine is an essential and fundamental right that is explicitly stated in the constitution (See Thomas's discussion of the word "use" and O'Connor's point about taking every word in the Constitution as is literally)?
    2. What do you guys think about what Justice Thomas said using public nusiance law instead eminent domain in regards to "blighted" properties?
    3.  Looking at my questions, I realize I'm not really asking anything that's obviously not extremely loaded or biased so I guess I should just ask, Who's pissed about this like I am?  Who thinks it's ok?  Who's concerned that the media has barely touched this?
     Like I said I'm going to reread the opinions and I hope others post in the next few days so we can all see what others think about this.


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