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Is there a law school newbie BBQ or event being organized?

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      I was accepted late so I didn't get on the List-Serv until a few days ago and have been out of the loop on other things as well.  I know that it was suggested we could use the list-serv to organize a BBQ (as apparently was done last year) or event and wanted to know if anyone out there had already started on this or had any ideas.  I'd be willing to work or help with this if anyone is interested.  Please feel free to grab my e-mail off the list-serv and write me personally or just post here. 

There might be more interest as orientation gets closer. The list-serv has pretty much died down over the summer. Good luck in your house hunt!

   Thanks, think I'll call the law school tommorrow and see what's going on. 

I am thinking about having a barbeque or something at my apartment in early August.  I don't move out to AR until the end of July, so I have to take care of that first.   ::)I'll let everyone know when I figure out the details. 
- Jena

I was e-mailed today saying I should contact Linda Ahlen so I'll do that tommorrow and let you guys know what's up.


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