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Concord's bar pass rate is partly due to its dropout rate?


I have been doing research to find out which distance learning law school to go. I just found a statistics at:

which is on ALU Law School site.

In the statistics, it seems like a number of Concord students drop out (or the school turns them out) before they get the chance to take the bar exam. Are these numbers misleading? What happened to those students? I thought Concord students should be better prepared as they require B.A. as admission requirement, while ALU and N.W.Cal require only 60 units (associate).

If you are enrolled with Concord, please share your experience. I would appreciate any comments. ???

I do attend Concord and while the numbers you reference are not positive, there isn't enough information to draw any reliable conclusions.  The study of law has been different than any other academic environment I've experienced.  To conclude, or even propose, that these numbers reflect drop out rates, or prior education admission requirements to great a leap of logic to make. 

Most schools do not publicize their drop-out or graduation rates, correspondence or traditional brick and mortar.  So do not select a school based on these numbers.  Choose a school that has a teaching style and learning environment that compliments your learning style.  The only statistic that counts is how well you perform and if you achieve your goals.

Good luck.

Thank you for your kind answer. You are right. I should choose a school that has the teaching style and learning environment that compliments my learning style. I absolutely agree. I am wondering if there is any place at Concord web site where I can get information about their teaching style. I have already read some information about the Concord Method and Personal Home Page, and I have seen the sample lecture, but their lectures and materials are hidden, and the accesses are restricted to their students (of course, I know that they are not supposed to be open to public).

I recently talked with people at ALU, and they kindly gave me a trial account with which I could see all their lectures. I sent an email to Concord to ask if they have a similar offer, but I haven't got any reply so far.

All I want to know is just whether Concord lectures are also live and I can ask questions in the middle of a lecture. Would anyone know about this? Thanks.


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