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Hello!  I know this is a topic which has been addressed many, MANY times on the General Board, but I was curious if anyone is better informed than I...

What are the recomended laptops for law school at Case?  Looking at other posters it seems that other schools gave guidelines (specifications, no Apple, etc.). 

I found the specifications for the university in general, but not the law school. 

My real issue is that I have a newer Apple Powerbook, which I love, but if it isn't compatible with the school's software, I'll need a new laptop.

Any thoughts?

I printed off the computer specs for the university as a whole and was just going to go by that. In the entering students manual (.pdf) on the law school page there is some info. They have some kind of educational discount program with Dell, so that is what I am going to look into closer to orientation. They also give you some discounts on software which might be a good deal. Did you go to the entering students day? I am originally from Ohio but live in Atlanta now. I'll be moving back in with the parents in August! There is a yahoo group for pre- 1L's, have you seen that?   

I'm not going to be at Case Western next year -- I'll be at Pitt -- but if I were you I would check and recheck before I bought another laptop.

Two reasons:

1.  I almost bought an IBM laptop before I found out that Pitt is starting to use Secure Exam this year, which is fully compatible with Macs.

2.  I have a friend who goes to Pitt who says that in previous years those who had macs just took exams on PCs in a computer lab at Pitt.  So check out if that's the case at Case.  It would save you a thousand or more bucks if so.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to getting an Apple laptop.

By the way, can i ask you why you decided to get a powerbook instead of an iBook?  They both look nice, but I'm not entirely sure I need a powerbook. 

Case uses SecureExam, which is completely compatible with both PC Laptops and Macs.  I know plenty of people who survived with either, so it is really up to your own personal preference at Case.

Great to know, kenxc... Thanks!   :D

I got the Powerbook instead of the iBook because I wanted something small (I got the 12 inch) and minimum recommended requirements for school were 1.5 Ghz.  The iBook 12 inch only has 1.2 Ghz.  (Same specifications at Case, btw.)  I don't actually know enough about computers to know if it makes a difference, but I figured why take a chance - may as well go with thier recommendation.   

I have to say that I'm embarassed by how clueless I am about this stuff though...I work in IT!  You would think I'd have picked something up hanging out with tech people all day.  ::)


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