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the best LSAT books/prep courses.....


Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about taking the LSAT and i want to start preparing as soon as possible. The problem is, i don't know which LSAT books to read or prep courses i should be taking. I was wondering if any of you successful law students have any suggestions, like which books, etc helped you get a respectable LSAT score (168 or higher) or which prep courses led to getting into law school.

If anyone can help me out, i would greatly appreciate it!


I would try out the pre-law discussion area of LSD for more relevant threads.  This area seems to be more for those that are planning on going to BC.

With that said...people use a variety of different means to study for the LSAT.  I would say the first step is to take a full length practice exam and see where you are and where you want to go.  The "10 Actual LSATs" series is good..with various updates with more current exams. After a practice test you can know what you need to work on and then go from there.

Good luck.


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