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Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?

Re: Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2005, 02:43:49 PM »
The Little Rock Downtown Partnership has listings for apartments:

Midtown Realty also handles many appartments in the area.

Re: Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?
« Reply #11 on: June 27, 2005, 09:31:25 PM »
Thanks for all of the advice, its been extremely helpful. I got in touch with an apartment locator service for help. I'll let you know if they give any good reccomendations.  Have any of you heard of Barrister's Court? I got a brochure with my acceptance letter. It seems to be located right next to the school. The rent is reasonable, $475/month including the basic utilities, but the apt is only 360 sq ft. I think that is way tooo small. But if I can't find anything else, I'll probably move there.

In terms of employment, I am going to be in the part time program as well. One of my biggest concerns about accepting their offer of admission was being able to support myself financially. I talked w/ Dean Wood about it. She said that the career services office will be able to assist. Most of the listings are for 2L's or 3L's, but she said that firms and other companies will contact the law school looking for students of all levels. She also said that many students don't work at law firms and she didn't think any of us will have a problem finding a job. Personally, I think I'm going to work from like 9am-2pm or 8am-12pm and plan on studying for most of the afternoon.

Here's a little info about me....
I'm originally from New Haven, Ct. In 2003, I recieved a BA in African American Studies from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I've been working for two years as a Commercial Casualty Claims Rep for Nationwide Insurance in Atlanta. I've never been to Little Rock, but from what I've heard, its ok. I'm also in the part time program and look forward to meeting you all soon.


Re: Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?
« Reply #12 on: June 28, 2005, 12:22:39 PM »
My name is Jena,I'm 23, I'm going to be in the full time division for the Fall.  I live right outside Washington, DC in Maryland.  I went to UMD and majored in Enviro Science and Policy.  I've mostly worked in politics but did a small stint in consulting for the Dept of Def.  I

I'm not currently looking for a roomie, but I thought I would share my experiences since I did the apt search recently.  I got my roommate through my sorority's alum association, which is a really good resource if any of you were Greek. 

As far as apts, we looked at quite a few buildings, but in the end decided on Ashburry at Chenal.  It is a little far out on the west side, off of Chenal Parkway, but it is a really nice place, has a pool, tanning bed, fitness facility etc.  Since I haven't moved in yet, but my roommate has, i can't comment too much on living there, but she likes it so far.  We got a 2 bed, 2bath for what i considered a good price.  We looked at a couple of other buildings closer to town, but couldn't find the right apt.  One of the one's we looked at closer to downtown was really well landscaped, but it seemed to be a facade, because it was pretty crappy on the inside of the apts considering the price.  And i think they charged for more than one parking space. 

one note for you out of towners, seems like most apts dont cover utilities at all!  Factor that in when you look at the price.  Most apts in the DC area include a couple of utilities, so I was rather surprised.

Also, for you Part Timers, don't forget to ask for employer discounts, alot of buildings offer them depending on where you work.  My roommate works for the Dept of Treasury, and we got like $20 per month off of the rent, not much, but it is a nice bonus. 

That's all I can think of for now, Any other questions, feel free to ask.  Look forward to meeting all of you.
- Jena

Re: Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?
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My name is Joe and planning to go full time in the fall. Planning to live at the new apts located by the law school but will take or move in with a roommate. I'm an older student (31) and I just graduated (finally!) this past spring. Married but separated. I like to have fun now and then but am not a hard partier so I will be a "quiet" roommate for anyone. If anyone knows a better deal than those law school apts please let me know. See ya..

Re: Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?
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  I found an apartment on 17th and Louisiania for $395 a month  that was huge!  There was also a shared free laundry facility.  My landlord, Chuck Heinbockel (501-658-9845), owns several properties near the law school.  He's a great guy and very helpful. He had a great place with a wood fire place on 8th for $450 if anyone's interested. Basically I drove up and down Commerce, Cumberland, and Main as well as the numbered streets, 6th through 19th, and called various numbers posted.  There are some scary places around the law school but I saw a few good deals as well.  I hope this helps and if anyone has any questions just e-mail me or post.