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Anyone in and looking for a roommate for Fall 2005?

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I've been accepted into the part-time night program and will be looking for a roommate if anyone's interested.  I'll be in Little Rock July 10th-14th to look at places.  Write me back if anyone's interested.

Im not looking for a roommate, but I need a place to live. Any suggestions???????


I'll be in Little Rock from July 10th to the 13th or 14th and I'll be looking for a place near the law school then.  I'll post everything that I find out on this board when I get back.  In the meantime you may want to check out the online classifieds in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  What I've done a few times is put the law school address on a mapquest map and then look for apartment complexes on citysearch or through the classifieds and call them.  The problem is that both times I did this I got very few call backs.  Good luck and I'll post ASAP when I return from my trip.

Try contacting the admin at the law school.  I stopped in May and they are willing to assist.  Student services provides help for this.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

hey guys.  my name is kandi and i'll be attending ualr in the part-time night division.  i'm originally from little rock but went to duke for undergrad.  my family has seen moved to Maryland and i've only been back to little rock a few times in the last several years.  however, i do know the areas pretty well and hopefully, will be able to give some apt. hunting tips.  the best areas to live in are west little rock (midtown), downtown by the rivermarket, on cantrell rd or in north little rock close to jfk and mccain blvd's.  little rock is not a huge city, so even if you lived in nlr, the commute is about 15 (i had to drive it everyday in high school as i lived in little rock but attended school in nlr).  west little rock is a VERY nice area close to the city's interstates, etc.  the rivermarket has been completely revamped (due to the clinton library) and have pretty nice lofts down there.  cantrell rd is a part of west lr, however, they are a bit further out and tend to be a little less expensive.  north little rock has the cheapest rates, but again, you have to consider the commute.  id suggest going to and request a hard copy of the apartment guide.  when you get it, just call the apartment complexes and request a brochure and an application.  they have pretty quick turnarounds.  i hope this helps and if anyone has any other questions about the city in general, pls feel free to email me.  can't wait to meet you all!


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