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How the hell are we going to finance an education at this school??? (assuming no scholarships) It's close to $50,000 a year including tuition, books, rent, living expenses in nyc, etc.  I want to go here but, damn.

Private Loans, and some serious prayer!

I hate to break it to you, but NYLS's tuition isn't any different than any other New York area law school (except for Rutgers--did you try there?)

It's scary as *&^%...I don't know how Im gonna live

Law Schools are all essentially the same price.

Its apparent that there is some form of collusion that is involved between all the private institutions to arrive at a cost.

In the long run it will be worth it.  As long as you serious about being an attorney and have the ability to perform well in your duties as an attorney you will understand that the money involved is insignificant when compared to your existence in society after you graduate.


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