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1L mySpace group just started.. should it be just for CA students though?

Hi everyone; I just joined this board and wanted to say hello to everyone.

Also, I wanted to introduce you to a new mySpace group that I've created especially for California 1L students ... or those soon to be 1L students.

Please come visit and join at

I look forward to seeing you there,

--Marc :)

Re: 1L mySpace group just started for California law students!!
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*NOTE* I may open this group up to ALL law students, not just those in California schools.  It's basically your choice, so let me know what you want! :)


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Can you give us older folks a run down on what myspace is???? It looks like some sort of friendster thing or something like that.

mySpace is, on the surface, something like Friendster.  But for lack of a better way of proving its worth, suffice to say that it's the only hyper-successful networking site out there, with over 17 MILLION members.

That being said, let's face it: on the surface, it is predominantly a friends-networking-for-dating site.  However, a lot of indie music groups use it for getting their name out there too.

And, unsurprisingly, a lot of girls wanting to get their name (or various body parts) out there for recognition and fulfilling their dreams of becoming an actress or model have also found mySpace to be a very viable networking medium.

As for me, I'll be honest: I actually AM networked through a lot of my "real life" friends on there; and truth betold, I've actually made a few new good friends through the service (mostly UCLA students though, which is why we were comfortable meetnig), and believe it or not, my ex-girlfriend as well -- though also a current UCLA student -- again the familiarity definitley helps in breaking down any barriers of concern with meeting people online.

That about sums it up as best I can manage in so little space.