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Yes thats why, and no worries we all freak out now and then lol... so hurry up and close on the condo stop freakin! OR maybe call the register and ask ya never know


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Hi George,

Thanks, I"ll see what I can do.  I"ll write again when I actually have internet.

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Hehe, just got to Boston and the school acutally had all my mail and stuff waiting for me, how sweet... ;)  Now I just need to get moved in, and maybe actually do those assignments (gasp!)  is anyone else here yet?

btw, i'm day section-02

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Looks like we'll be rockin' the D2 section.  I've heard from a buddy of mine who is a 2L and we apparently have a good group of professors.  How are you enjoying Boston?  I moved here in June. 


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Alright!.. looks like most of us on here are in section-D2 then.  Sara wish you the best while moving in, and Tim nice to meet another 1L at NESL.   I myself am heading up to Maine tomorrow for some "vaca" until orientation.  I will be out of reach and without internet, but of course its hard to type with cocktail in hand anyways lol jk.  See you all come August 17th!


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Hi to both Tim and Tina,

I just had to take a break from trying to figuring out those text books of ours...i'm not really supposed to understand all of this, am I?! ;)
I"m glad I actually know people who are going to be in my section, but Tina I'm sure there will be a lot of people in yours too--at any rate your books for cp look more interesting than mine.
Moving van gets here tomorrow...looking forward to seeing everyone @orientation!


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Hey guys,

I'm in section 2. I just returned from the bookstore and the damage was right around 500 bucks. Not too shabby...two days until orientation!

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Anyway, it seems like I'm outta the club cuz I'm in section D1 ... anyone else? I have Finneran, Sorenson, Bobrowski, and Plumeri.


     Good luck with Plummeri! I had her last year for torts and i can honestly say that she is a dry, sarcastic and rude professor who should win the prize for Wicked Witch of the Northeast! She is truly a nightmare, as you will see when you take her first quiz. Finneran, however, is an absolute doll! She actually makes an effort to entertain her students and keep the material interesting. Hope this tid bit helps!

Good Luck!

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Hey everyone..

I'm definitely out of the club. I'm in section D1 with Ansah, Cox, Herlihy and Lustig.  Are there sections within sections?

I'm glad to finally see people posting up on for our school!  Dumb question but do we need to bring our laptops the second day of orientation for intro to law?

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Evening 1L here. I'll be living in Framingham. It's cheaper and it's closer to home. It's great to see people from our class talking on LSD. I'm curious to know if we should bring laptops 2nd day also. Has anyone bought books yet? I bought bought mine online. It's a pretty cool system on the bookstores website. See you all tomorrow!