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LOL.  Actually, I was raised in Boston and we moved to Illinois when I was in elementary school.  I just like using the term y'all--don't ask me why!

~Sara ;)

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I am sorry, and you are right, but the "y'all" did play a role in guessing your from the south.  However I am a fan of the phrase mainly since I once dated a lovely lady from Texas back in my undergraduate years lol.  Glad to hear your finally coming back to Boston after all these years... keep me posted with your travels!


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Hey all...just found this site, haven't been to LSD in awhile.  Glad to find some fellow NESL people.  I can't believe we're so close...has anyone checked out the syllabi online yet??  We have real assignments already...yeah!  (Please let me know if I'm the only nerd excited by this). 

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 :D Just taking a break from packing. A few new faces!! welcome!!

Yes, I found the assignments and can't wait to read them! The thing is I'm still in Canada and looking forward to moving to Boston next Tuesday. Hope I would have enough time to read all that before the first class. Oh, have you guys done the first assignment for the legal research & writing class yet? I'm working on it, but to be honest with ya, it's quite hard for me since I have no legal background or any sorts in that matter. :P

By the way, I read Civil Action too, but I think also Buffalo Creek Disaster is a recommended book for daytime students. Just to let ya know. I'm not sure it's same for the evening part-time. I'm reading that one too anyway. Those books aren't too bad to read anyway. Wishing that coursebooks were as fun as those books, but I bet they won't be. 

Anyway, I wish good luck for every each one of you. 

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Good luck moving next week, I just moved to Boston myself in June and have loved it so far. 
I have been working on the legal writing assignment a bit and like you, have no legal backround at all so it is a little slow going for me as well.  I recently read a book called, "Starting Off Right in Law School" by Carolyn was very helpful in breaking down some of the terminology and it shows you how to pick out the parts of the briefs that us law students are most interested in.  It's a nice short book that you can read in a day, made things a bit clearer for me. 
Good luck again with your move!

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Thanks Tim!

By the way, which section are you guys in?
Well, there's only one section for evening part-time. :)

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Ok, can someone tell me where to find these assignments?  I'm moving Saturday morning, won't be in Boston til sometime next week, so I better stop freaking out and try to do these assignments...looking forward to seeing everyone at orientatin though.


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Did you get your schedule for this fall yet?  If so, you can go online to: there you will find your professor's name/class and just click on that link.  Most should have atleast their first assignment for the first day of class.  And of course since I will be buying my text books during Orientation, those assignments will just have to wait lol.  Oh and don't forget that brief we have to write for the second day of orientation "Coy v. Eilers" though rumor has it it won't be collected or anything like that.

Btw, I am in the Day Section-02 and have Monserud, Dussasis, Hamilton, Greenberg for professors... lata!

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Ok, thanks for the info.  But how do you know what section you are in?


p.s. can you tell i start freaking out when everythihng happens all at once?!

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woops, in answer to your question, no i don't have any schedules yet.  NESL is holding my mail until we close on the condo...this is probably why i don't have my section, isn't it?