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Toledo Vs. Duquesne

Toledo Vs. Duquesne
« on: May 25, 2005, 04:01:58 PM »
I have narrowed down my choices to Toledo and Duquesne. Has anyone else been accepted to these schools? I have some criteria with which I will make my decision and would value the input of anyone on this board.

Toledo is public with in state tuition after one year. They are both 3rd tier schools. Toledo is coming off a 94 rank last year while Duquesne is consistently ranked 3rd. Both are well respected regional programs. Toledo also has a national network of alumni with a significant distribution along the east coast (where I plan to live).

Duquesne ranks its class, Toledo doesn't. I have been told the the level of competition at Duquesne is healthy, while gpa only at Toledo will not benefit me when I look for a job or consider transferring. If I do decide to transfer it will be to a tier two. Would one of these programs be preferred over the other by an admissions officer? Duquesen profs. seem to make tests unnecessarily difficult. I have been told they are proud of the fact that students often return to tell them their exams are tougher than the bar. Toledo profs. seem to take a friendlier approach. The cost of living is cheaper in Toledo, but not by much. Pittsburgh is an awesome city, there is not much in Toledo.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2005, 09:01:12 PM »
I am a Duquesne student.  Ranking is very important in the job search, so that is a plus.  Like any school we have great profs who test fairly and we have some assholes.  We have a new dean incoming this summer.  I have met him and was very impressed.  Our last dean was strong in fund raising and facility building.  Now we need some one to create some unity with the falculty, and I think this guy will do it.  Our reputation is very strong in the region and as admission standards were raised significantly starting with my class, I think this trend will continue.  Decent job prospects in Philly and DC are respectable as far as I can tell from my friends who have gotten summer jobs outside of Pittsburgh.  Ranking is also useful of you want to transfer, it lets schools and employers compare law schools with different grading scales.  Cost of living is very reasonable and there is a lot to do.  Tuition is of course a kicker. 

Personally I love the school.  My classmates are intelligent and overall very friendly.  I have a good summer job and I have had some profs I really enjoyed. 

Couldn't say anything informed about Toledo.

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Thank you very much for your post. Philly and DC would be the two cities I would want to work in if I am not able to transfer. However, I have been told than you need to be in the top 20% of the class to do so. Is there any truth to this?

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Not to highjack your post, but Toledo doesn't rank??? I guess I just never asked that question. I assumed that they did. When I visited they had overall semester GPA's posted for 1L, 2L etc, full-time and part-time, going top to bottom. I assumed that meant they ranked, but maybe I was wrong. Where did you get that info?

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I know of 3 people who are going to one of those cities who are in the top 15% and one who is bottom half of class.  These are summer positions.  There are a good number of law firms here which have offices in those cities, I'd check Toledo firms to see if the same holds true.

People who are from/have family in those areas seem to have more luck convincing firms they want to practice there.

Re: Toledo Vs. Duquesne
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Toledo does rank. Good luck in making your choice.