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Hey everybody,

:o Just wanted to see who will be attending Cal Western this Fall. I am not entirely decided by it is likely this is where I am going. What about everyone else? Is everyone mostly from California or is there others coming from out of state? Does anyone now if they are having an admitted students day?

Can't wait to hear from everyone!


36 people have viewed this an no one is going here??????

Looks like I'll be attending Cal Western this Fall as well... just pulled me off the wait list 2 weeks ago.  Being a San Diego resident for the last 15 years, it seemed like a natural choice and minimizes moving hassle, extra expenses.  In all actuality, didn't apply anywhere else and after speaking to San Diego lawyers (father is one), Cal Western has a really good rep among practicing professionals... many were actually surprised to hear it was not ranked nationally.  In my opinion, the school is going to start getting national recognition, especially since their Moot Court Team just won regionals in the Jessup Competition... they beat USC, Loyola, UCLA among others.

New Student Orientation is on Aug. 22nd.

I'm a San Diego resident and am going to be attending Cal Western in the fall. I applied to USD, and after keeping me in the dark for six months they finally rejected me. I was scared about going to Cal Western (cause it's not Tier One..blah, blah), but I went to the preview day and feel a lot better about it. Everything is so personal there. Everyone is super helpful and all the students had nothing but good things to say about it. I have also heard that the school has a really good career services center that has really good connections with the community. The library is so nice too, so you can say that I'm now excited about it. The only drawback I saw was the parking or rather the lack of parking. There are plenty of public modes of transportation so I don't think this will be a huge issue. So anyway, if you aren't from San Diego and have any questions, email me. :-) Good luck with your decision!

I plan on attending Cal Western this fall and I'm from Chicago.  I'm willing to bet most people are from California, but not all.  I have several friends from the SD area who absolutely love it.  SD seemed like a cool place when I visited a few years back, although I didn't see the school at that time. 


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