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Wayne, Ardmore, and Havertown definitely are part of the Main Line.  The apartments there may be slightly cheaper, but not by a whole lot, and all of the other cost of living expenses are gonna be just the same as if you lived in Bryn Mawr.  Check out Manayunk if you're willing to live with roomies.  You can also go cheaper around Villanova if you're willing to sacrifice space and get a studio at Bryn Mawr Gables or Mermont or one of those places.  You may also consider looking around in Broomall or Conshohocken (I'm not sure if there are any apts there; there may not be) if you're not opposed to commuting.

Manayunk is the place to be.  I've been here a month now and I love it.  I'll probably have a 15 minute drive to school every day, but the roads are nice, and its a small price to pay to be able to walk to cool bars and restaurants from my loft.  Other 'nova kids live in my building too.  Anybody can feel free to hit me up for Manayunk info, I looked at several buildings here 

(I had already decided on this neighborhood before my apartment search began, mainly because I am living with a friend who goes to Temple and this is a good half-way point, plus for social reasons, so most of my info is specifically about manayunk)

I have a big experience in apartment rent. Due to my job, i'm traveling all around the world for ten years. And many times i had to find apartments for short or long periods of time. And the only advise for you guys- use internet ( always helps). For example i searched apartment for rent in Chicago some time ago- and it was so easy. Such kind of web sites always offer options (apartment size, price, photos etc, etc, etc..). Use google, search for apartment and be happy...

Good luck
Apartment for rent in LA


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