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I've been looking at different 1BR's, and it looks like my monthly budget will come out to about $1000-$1200 (incl. rent, utilites, and internet/cable) if I want to live alone... That's so pricey!  Is it worth the investment?  Or, would I be better off looking for a roommate? 

I've been hearing:
a) it's better to live alone ur first year (cuz having a roommie can be a hassle); and
b) you don't know for sure if you'll be employed outta graduation, since Villanova isn't a T14, so it's not worth it to spend that much money. 

Any advice would be appreciated!  ;D

I'm living in a 1BR by myself, and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.  Pick something that suits your personality.  If you get irritated easily and value your space, spend the extra money and live by yourself, at least first year.  I'm staying put for the rest of law school.  When I get home from school, I don't want to deal with anything that might set me off, and that includes a roommate.  Some people also opt to live alone first year and then move in with roommates second year, cause by that point it's not as big a deal and you're not quite so stressed out cause you've figured out the game.

And I would say don't worry about the people who say you won't be employed at graduation.  There's no guarantee, but honestly, it's completely within your control based on how hard you work and (perhaps more importantly) how you network. 

When I go in a few weeks to look at apartments, I'm sticking to 1BR's, studios, and carriage houses. I've lived with 3 roommates for the past 3 years at undergrad, and I can take it no more. Those were friends, too. So I can't imagine dealing with roommate drama (i.e. kitchen mess, bills, etc...) with a complete stranger. With everything I know about the first year experience, it sounds like you'll want to come home to your own place where you deal with your own mess. But I have also heard that if you get a 1BR, try to get one in a complex with lots of other law students so you still have some networking and contact close by.

I think in a perfect world, the best living environment would be a bank of one bedroom apartments in the midst of lots of hard-working, yet down-to-earth grad students. You could have your space, have some like-minded people around to hang out with when you had down time.

In my opinion, the extra cost to live alone (or in whatever situation makes you the most focused, and therefore able to do well your first year) is worth whatever it costs.  It will probably only be another few thousand dollars in costs, and it could mean a huge difference in how successful your first year is.

That all depends on how you do work.  I almost never did work in my apartment even though I lived alone.  I just couldn't focus there, so I always stayed in the library when I had to get work done.  That being said, as I think I mentioned, I liked living alone because it was a nice, quiet space where I could not think about law school while I was there.  There's definitely something to be said for not working all the time.  Your sanity will thank you.


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