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Employment and Experience at UC Hastings

Employment and Experience at UC Hastings
« on: May 16, 2005, 08:37:26 AM »
I just wanted to put this out there really quick and see if anyone know why UC Hastings job placement upon graduation hovered around 65% in 2003. I haven't been able to find info for the latest grad, and the hastings website only posts the grad rate 9 months out which is much better. This is of course no mistake, since what school wants you to know that 35% of their graduates can't line up a job at grad time.

Does anyone know anything about this or career placement in general at hastings? I know most people say that to be considered for big law you need to be in the top 25% (Is this true from what you all know?). Where does one need to graduate to even have a job lined up at graduation or is it more about the contacts one has made during clinics, externships, and summer employment? In essence, how important is the networking game for graduating Hastings students?

Thanks to any who can answer some or all of my questions. Comments on the overall Hastings experience would be appreciated as well. General likes, dislikes etc...

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Hey Grubesac-
Please see my message posted on the discussion re Hastings being competitive.  I'd recommend you contact the Career Services Office.  They're quite friendly and can likely answer all of those questions for you.  While grades are certainly a huge factor in getting a job, you also must interview well and be "likeable."  I know people that did far better than me and don't have jobs.  I know people who did worse and do.  At the end of the day your interviewer is going to say to him/herself, "If I have to work until 1am on a project, will I want to be working with this guy?"  Most people you'll be competing against for jobs are going to have generally the same qualifications as you. What will make you stand out is an interesting background and your demeanor/personality.

Good luck-

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Thanks Jake. People generally don't like me, so I guess I"m screwed. I kid I kid. Is my background that interesting, not really, its different, a little on the tough side. Maybe being a farm kid from the midwest will be entertaining to the west coasters, who knows. Peace.