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LSAT scores in regard to transferring

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Well, thank you for your input Erapitt. You have been very kind and courteous.

Anyone else has an opinion? Anyone? Bueller?

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Just to clarify for everyone:

I just got off the phone with an LSAC representative. LSAT CAN be taken once you're in law school for the purpose of transferring - there are no restrictions.   8)


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Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Yeah, they are out there to make money.  How about you ask a school if they will look at an LSAT after you have started.  I bet they say "no."

Nothing will matter when you go to transfer without being in the top 10-15% of your class.  Regardless if that happens, odds are you won't ever get into NYU or Columbia with your current LSAT and I doubt they would look at one once you started law school. 

With your numbers you should have gotten into some T1s, maybe even a T25 but oh well.  Good luck in the fall!

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Thanks!  ;D

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Katusha, my lsat score (which was lower than yours) was sufficient to get me into a similarly ranked school.

They don't care, and if they do, the value they attach to it is minimal, and it probably isn't even worth the 4 hours of your time it would take to bubble in the scantron, much less the prep time you'd have to invest.  It can't be repeated enough: Quality of School/Class rank is to transfer admissions as GPA/LSAT is to regular admissions... that is to say, it's pretty much everything. 

LSAT is used by schools to predict first year grades (poorly, might I add... however it seems to be the best thing we've got).  The 1L GPA is a much better piece of data to use in judging your academic capabilities than the LSAT.

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody can give me some advice.

I didn't apply to my dream schools (NYU or Columbia) due to my low LSAT score (162, 4.00 GPA). I will be going to a T2 school (or hopefully a mid-range T1 if I get accepted off the waitlist).

I know I will work my ass off during the first year of law school to hopefully get into the top 5% of my class. I want to try and apply as a transfer to the two schools after the first year.

My question is, should I retake the LSAT? I know I can do significantly better if I took it again this fall. Would that be a consideration factor at all?

I know that many of you said schools don't even look at LSAT when transferring. But if I improved (and got into their 25/75 percentile range), would that improve my chances any amount at all?

Thanks for the input.

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Thanks for the reply, American Consumer

Maybe there's hope after all, even with my low lsat

I know (I think someone posted this already) that schools aren't as concerned with admitting transfers with lower numbers cuz they don't have to report them, and therefore there's no risk of the ranking of the school going down due to the lower numbers.

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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Hey there all. SO I made it through my first year!!! YAY! Anyway...I was shocked to see this thread still going, as I started it a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG time ago. Anyway. So I'm done and now thinking about transferring. I finished top 19% at Cal. Western. SO CLOSE to Dean's list, but I'm happy. Anyway, I am thinking about transferring to USD now. Not sure if I want to, as I've heard rumors my school can very difficult when it comes to helping transferring students get their *&^% together. My biggest qualm is this...Cal Western has great teachers. That much of it I liked. Given my rank, I can probably get some money too. If I transfer to USD, no money. I've heard the teacher quality is about the same. So basically, I will be paying more for a better reputation. Is it worth it? Also, anyone know of my chances of getting into UCLA as a transfer. A long shot hope I can't stop thinking about. Thanks guys. 

Re: LSAT scores in regard to transferring
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"This makes it clear that [admissions] results are relevant," says John Sebert, who oversees the committee's main function: accrediting law schools. In a majority of states, a person can't become a licensed attorney without graduating from an ABA-accredited law school. The new diversity standard will become binding if it is approved by the ABA's House of Delegates at its annual meeting in August. Committee members say the House of Delegates has never rejected the legal-education committee's recommendations.