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To current or incoming part-timers:  What are the advantages/disadvantages to part-time?  Are there any differences in the quality of education, career opportunities, general outside perception, etc. between the full-time and night divisions?

I was deferred from full-time so I'm now considering the part-time decision.  This is a big decision for me since I would be moving from out of state, but I really like Kent's curriculum.

Any insights would be appreciated!

Re: Part-timers?
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I think advantages of going part time are obvious in that you get to keep working and make money while you're in school instead of having to take out more loans.  Also for people who have other obligations like a family or something, night time classes are great. 

I don't think there's any difference in the quality of education since you're being taught by the same teachers.  Also, I went to a reception where someone asked a graduate how working full time affected a company's perception of him, and he responded that they were all very impressed that he was able to keep a full time job and go to school in the evening.  It showed a lot of initiative. 

I hope this helps


Re: Part-timers?
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Yeah.  That guy also had work experience in the field that he wanted to practice law in.  He was a manager in a company that had to deal with labor unions, right?  Now he does labor law, so it fits pretty well.  He was lucky in the regard that his work experience tied in with his interest in the law.