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Professionally Condensed BARBRI Lecture Outlines / Notes for the NY Bar Exam

Professionally Condensed BarBri Lecture Outlines / Notes

We have started a new small company selling professionally condensed notes for the New York Bar Exam, the notes condense the information given at BarBri lectures. We have posted a free sample at of the New York Practice lecture (a full 15 pages). In addition, we have posted the first page of each subject, for free, so you can be sure that our materials are consistent and of the highest quality.  We are very confident in the product that is why we posted the entire New York Practice lecture and previews of the other lectures for free.

The lecture notes save you valuable time, spent on condensing the notes yourself, and are an incredible study tool whether or not you are a BarBri student.  We are confident that these are the best organized, informative and accessible Condensed Notes/Outlines available for the NY Bar.  We believe that if you take a look at the free sample, and the free previews, you will agree that theses note will be a tremendous help.  We worked very hard putting the materials together and feel that our efforts were well worth it.