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Is anyone who has decided on Wake Forest for Fall 2005 or at least strongly considering Wake interested in starting a thread to discuss the school?

I'm leaning toward Wake, while still considering a free ride from another school. I was interested in chatting with anyone who might be a future classmate.

OK, so nobody finds my post interesting, or nobody is going to Wake in the fall.

Are there any current Wake students who wouldn't mind commenting on their experiences? What are your thoughts on the professors and the post-grad job opportunities? How does Wake place throughout N.C., particularly Charlotte? If you've been there for a while, do you think it's been money well spent? I'm trying to decide between going into debt or taking a free ride at another school.

Any response would be appreciated.


I'm in a similar situation...well, i'd like to be.  I'm waitlisted at Wake (in at Baylor) and have a scholarship to Arkansas.  I don't know where i'd want to end up.  I do know that big city law is unappealing to me.  I'm weighing debt vs. reputation...changing my mind almost daily.
Virtually every practicing attorney has told me it won't matter in 5 years...
Younger folks tend to say not to worry about the money...i'm beginning to wonder if that isn't our mentality of borrowing for everything having a substantial weight...I don't mind investing if it will truly benefit me but spending it only for a name is a different consideration...well, today that is my thought...

I will be going to Wake in the Fall.  I have talked with several students and professionals and as far as I can tell, Wake has great placement in the southeast, especially Charlotte.

I am really looking forward to getting back to school and meeting everyone.


I'm a 3L at Wake.  what would you like to know... In response to the should I pay for a better school thing I think it depends.  I would say no if the other school was also a tier 1 (i didnt check the ranking on yours) but if not its probably worth it to spend the money because you will have amazing teachers and opportunities at a tier 1 school (yes even wake)   The profs rock and if you need help we (3l's) will always help out.  Only downside is winston salem is boring as *&^% but Greensboro is actually pretty fun.  reply if you want more info


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