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Anyone on this board planning on attending BU Law in the fall?

Has anyone started the apartment search, or summer job serach?

Unless I get off of the waitlist at Cornell or Duke, it looks like BU for me too.  I haven't really started looking at apartments yet, but I am definitely looking for roommates - I would like to live as close to school as possible, although that might be tough given the location of BU.


I chose BC instead of BU, but it seems that most BU/BC students live in the Alltston and Brighton areas. I heard that you may want to start your apartment search soon because the better apartments seem to go fairly quickly.

I think my plan is to sublet for the summer and then go looking for a year long lease once I move up there. That way I can learn the city and know where I want to live while also waiting out my waitlists.

Hopefully all the good apartments won't be gone by then.

If you're going to BU, I'd recommend living somewhere else other than Allston/Brighton, if you can afford it.  The B-Line is awful.  Brookline is a better option, or the Back Bay/South End.


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