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Anyone in the Fall 1l class?

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Would like to hear from anyone who is attending St Thomas in the fall.............

How's it going?  I sent in my deposit for St. Thomas, but am not sure yet if that's where I'm headed.  How about you?  I would really like to visit before I commit.  I hear that it's not in a very nice area, but then again, I don't plan on selling anything door to door in the neighborhood.  Where are you from?  Houston, Texas here.  Good luck------Jack


I too have sent a deposit, but still am unsure if  I will be attending STU. I keep going back and forth as I hear less than favorable things about STU and then also RWU (up  in Rhode Island). There are a lot of things I like about STU amd the added bonus of Miami weather is exciting to a grizzled New Englander such as myself.

Recently, I spoke with a family friend who is an attorney at a amjor firm in West Palm, he said, and I quote, "the West Palm firms won't touch them (STU grads)."

This dismayed me. I know the school is on the make and the Dean is working to bring the place up, but I wondered how long that negative perception would be around and if it is more prevalent than we have been told. And if that really matters in the bigger scheme of things. Either way, too much marketing from schools, not enough cold hard data. I ask for specifics (such as statistics on firms that hired recent grads, and etc.) and all I get are generalities, "XYZ big firm has hired our gradutes in the past..."etc.

How is everyone else feeling about the place and process?
Send a shout, we just may end up as classmates.


Did your reference in WPB say where they would hire from??  Everyone I have spoken to here in Broward County has said that everyone passes the same bar, and unless you want to go to a BIg Law fim - whoever they are in South FL - not my interest - you should be ok.

The funny thing is there are NO law schools in Palm Beach COunty, so the grads have to be coming from FU, FSU Nova (The only law school in Broward County)or other schools.

I really liked St Thomas - I got rejected at UM - no big surprise there, WL at NOva - I ahve connections so I could have called in a favor, but wasn't that interested. accepted into the Part Time program at FIU ( Wanted day, but they filled up) and turned that down.

I am very happy with my choice, and have gotten good feedback from the attorneys I know here...

As far as the area where STU is located - lets just say I wouldn't want to live right off campus.  I thought the campus itself was nice - very small and almost rural looking - interesting considering it borders onto the 826 which leads to 95.

Let me know if you have decided to attend!!

I'd like to try and revive this thread - any takers??


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