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anyone attending?

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I absolutely agree with Rapunzel's above posting.  However, Barker will not be teaching both Legal Process classes: Barker will teach one class and Yochum will teach the other class.  As for Rapunzel's appraisal of the professors: it is a very accurate representation.  I suffered through the same tax class this year with our favorite tax professor and do distinctly remember the professor telling her to "drop dead" or something of the sort.  Very unprofessional in my opinion.  As for incoming first year students, good luck, keep your heads up, and please do not be afraid of the professors- it is merely a game that must learn to be played.  Confidence, confidence, confidence!!!  Once again, best wishes!

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Who said that Hirsch is a bore obsessed with sodomy, I don't even recall discussing sodomy at all this past year?  I have to disagree about him being confused too, at least in Crim. 

As for the library, they say that they close at midnight... but then there is a sign that says they close 15 minutes early every night, so really they close at 11:45.  But then, since they nominally close at 11:45, they actually start closing before 11:45.  Once 11:30 rolls around, depending on who is working, there is a fair chance they will start flashing you dirty looks.  One closing worker in particular used to tell me at 11:30, every night that he was there, "the library is closing in 15 minutes".  As if I did not know, or as if I was not sitting in front of a giant clock.  Hopefully the student staff this year will be more classy than some of the staff last year.

Enjoydavid, is that Goldband or Ringlaben? 

I would add something to the advice that you should be confident and not affraid of the professors.  It is good advice, professors can smell fear and will be all over you if seem weak.  Plus, you are paying a lot of money to go to law school, and you shouldn't be affraid or embaressed to directly address the things you don't understand.  The reason you, and the professors, are at law school is to learn/teach a new way of thinking. 

However, DO NOT mistake confidence for arrogance.  While frightening students can be fun for some professors, even if not fun for the student,  wasting class time makes professors spitting angry.  My point is this, if you get called on, or raise your hand, and you are confused or unprepared or otherwise do not know what you are talking about, confidence in those situations means being straight up, and graciously recognizing there is something you need to learn. 

The right way:

Mr. Firstyear, if there was a battery in Pearson v. Dodd, why isn't there a battery when I accidently pull the trigger (Torts Prof) 

I still do not see the difference as to why the intent element of battery is met in sitation A, but not B, how can there be intent if the defendant did not mean to hurt anyone? (You)

(The class is thinking, "whew, I am not the only one who doesn't get this".  The prof is thinking that Duquesne was right to admit you, you aren't scared to let your mouth slow down while your brain catches up, he will feel more compelled to do his best in educating the class)

Mrs. Oneelle, tell us about Gruen v. Gruen (Property Prof)

Contracts took me all night yesterday, I only had time to skim the case, I appologize and will try to balance my time more effectively (You)

(The class and prof understand, they have been there themselves at some point.  They have some compassion, and some respect that you had the balls and courtesy to just lay it on the table)

Mr. Firstyear, you have a question (Torts Prof)

Yeah, if the Defendant took every precaution, how does it serve the interest of justice to take money from him, how does law and economics outweigh the seeming unfairness of the judgment in this case (You) 

(Half the class is thinking the same thing, they are glad you asked, they are hoping the prof will address the question instead of continuing to beat around the Socratic bush.  Some of them might even come up after class and let you know that you took the question right out of their mouth.  The prof will think, "ok, they are starting to get it, at least enough to ask the pertinent question point blank, I think they are primed and ready for me to explain the answer more directly")

Arrogance is:

Mr. Firstyear, if there was there a battery in Pearson v. Dodd, why isn't there a battery when I accidently pull the trigger and it wounds your dog(Torts Prof)

He did not mean to harm anyone, thats what I think intent should mean, so he shouldn't have to pay, I think any rule otherwise is just wrong (You)

(The prof will ask you whether you think the other 70+ people in the class are there to learn what you think the law ought to be, or to learn the very difficult concept they spent hours studying last night)

Mrs. Oneelle, tell us about Gruen v. Gruen (Property Prof)

I thought this case was confusing, which part did you want me to talk about cause I didnt get it, I know that .... (begins reading the case from the book substantially verbatim to the class) (You)

(The class will cringe, everyone who is prepared will resent you for pretending and slowing the class to a snail's pace, the prof will think you are either an idiot or a joker, don't expect to get called on next time you have a question)

Mr. Firstyear, you have a question (Torts Prof)

Yeah, I don't think that law and economics can be a basis for imposing liability on a corporation because you can't take their money if they haven't done anything wrong

(The prof will likely respond by telling you that you have not asked a question, and no one cares about your oppinion because it is clear YOU haven't grasped law and economics at all)

I am sure that I was guilty of arrogance at times, but it helps to try and keep the difference in mind, and remember who is the teacher and who is the student when you talk.  (Except with Krasik, j/k) 

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Ben...Its Goldband....meeting up with Zahn and Poorman

To 1L's
Anyway....Repuzel...Im assuming this is Sarah, and Ben are great resources for you guys.   They are smart people who really mastered law school from the starting gate...its a pleasure going to law school with these people.  In law school you will find people who were born to be it was some kind of calling...dont be threatened by these people...enjoy them.  I enjoy Ben, he was born to be a lawyer...and his advice to you is good.

Im a nontraditional law student...was a CPA in NYC for 5 years before law school. Im also a dual degree student..JD/MS in tax...if anyone has any questions on the dual track let me know. 

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Ah, the horror!  My super-secret internet identity has been discovered. ;)
I must be overeager to give advice to 1L's and have made myself readily identifiable.

I didn't have Hirsh, and I did hear he toned it down.  But apparently my first year he talked about sodomy for 6 weeks.  Some of my friends liked him, some really didn't.  All I have to judge him on is the sweaters.  That orange and blue one is fabulous.  And or appropriate for hunting season.

Anyway I had a few upperclassmen who were always there to give advice, so I'm happy to pass it along for what it is worth.  Thank you, Mr. Goldband, you're very kind.

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Goldband is just nice to me because I gave him some peanut M&Ms in the library.  Ever since he has called me a gentleman and a scholar.  Crazy New York people I guess. 

Summer has been cool, I will have to tell you about some of the cases I have been working on.  Did you guys like Batman?

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"Goldband is just nice to me because I gave him some peanut M&Ms in the library." ---what can I say Im easy to please. ;D

Sarah...Im not a 1L anymore rankings and grades came out...Im a 2L, that much more giving advice to 1Ls is close to in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king...

Hows your summers?

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Batman was awesome.  I didn't really like any of the Batmans that I can remember watching (the first one came out when I was 8), but this one was great.  It was entertaining from start to finish.  Also, I found out that you can get a ticket at the Southside Works theatre for $6 on Thursday nights with a college ID.  The theatre looks pretty new also.  The only downside was the nightmarish parking down there.  They really need a parking lot right in Southside works.

From what I've heard, EnjoyDavid is easy to please-maybe too easy.  On the bright side, he is a very smooth operator with the ladies, except when he makes his Russian girlfriend watch Rocky IV repeatedly.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

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RPPLVC...she is not and will not ever be my girlfriend...

However I did make her wathc Rocky IV.  She needed to understand that Im an American...USA!!!!  USA!!!! USA!!!!

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Nice job scared all the 1L's away from posting....

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