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I'm a little worried about finding a place to live.  How is everyone else doing it?  I want to get a place for August 1st, but I'm a little worried a lot of the places will have been taken before that.  Any ideas.  I'm leavin CA around June 30th and will probably spend July in NJ, so I could drive down for a couple days now and then to look at places.  Does anyone know how tight the housing market is?  In my town the summer months can be really rough if you don't get in early.

I'm from NJ, so I am planning on going down there as many times as it takes.  Not quite sure how how the DC market is, but it doesn't seem too bad.  I have a friend down there right now and she hasn't had much trouble finding places.  It may be different depending on what you want though.  There are a fair number of apartments available, but not as many rooms in houses or people looking for apartment mates.  These are just my guesses based on what I have seen so far and how my friends have fared. 

If you need any help, you can let me know.  The first time I am planning to go down there is the weekend of May 6th.

Wow you're starting that early?  Yeah I'm debating whether I should try to fly out for a weekend prior to July, maybe in late May or something to look at places.  I've had so many bad experiences with roommates (I love my current place and don't want to leave) and I don't want to make a mistake with my living situation for my first year of law school.  I may give the school a call and ask for their opinion because I don't want to show up in July with no options other than that unbelievably exspensive student housing they have.

Well the only reason I am starting so early is because I don't have much else to do.  Also, I don't live too far from DC, relatively speaking.  I go down there a few times throughout the year to see friends anyway. 

That said it might not be a bad idea to go to DC a bit earlier, prior to July like you said, just to check things out and get a feel for the city before you decide on where to live.  I know I found a site with plenty of listings on American's website.  It might have been through their web portal, or whatever that thing was they gave a password for.  There seemed to be a decent amount of stuff on there.

Yea the housing portal is through that thing.  So far I haven't seen anyone that needs roommates for the fall; it's more like people who have a room in their house or things like that  People also post on craigslist, so those are two things I've been searching.  I think people will start putting more listings on the american site during May and June. 


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