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where to live?


I am seriously looking at John Marshall for this fall. Just want to know where i would be able to find a place to buy. Where do most of the students live? A lot downtown?

It is impractical to live downtown, the el takes you right to school.  Search the pre-law board for posts, there are a slew of them regarding Chicago housing.

I realize this is an old post, but for anyone currently looking for housing when they attend The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, the school's online housing guide might help:

I am applying to Marshall, but I can tell you there are plenty of places to live in the area.
I recommend River West, West Loop, South Loop, Ukranian Village, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and Jefferson Park, in that order.
I've lived in the city proper for 8 years now - there is plenty out there.
I rent in River West and pay $850 a month, and that includes a garage.  There are loads of apartments within walking distance to public trans in that price range.  I can be at JMLS in 20 minutes by public trans, maybe less.
Best of luck.


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