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Anyone with personal experience choosing Howard w/$$$ over T14?

Can anyone share a personal experience of someone who was faced with the decision between Howard w/ $ and a T14 w/o any?  My dilemma is this - Often people assume (generally speaking) that a JD from a T14 provides more opportunities than one from Howard.  However, one could argue that due to the debt incurred at the T14 vs. (in my case) practically none at Howard, a student could be more limited with the JD from a T14 because he/she would almost have to go to work in big law or into a (low paying) public/government situation, as the T14 (in this case) has a solid loan repayment program.  That rules out career tracks that fall in the middle of the pack.  Howard, although a third tier school, gets attention from firms who would not otherwise visit similarly ranked schools.  That said, the school also has a great alumni network. 

Has anyone selected Howard over a T14 or, conversely, rejected a full ride (particularly from Howard) for the full loan package at a T14?  Am I insane for even considering it?

Please, I'm not really interested in personal opinions or negative commentary  - I have heard more of those than I care to consider - but I would greatly appreciate any first hand knowledge of someone's actual experience.

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Re: Anyone with personal experience choosing Howard w/$$$ over T14?
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Well consider this firsthand. I am a soon-to-be graduate of Howard Law and I assure you that you can not go wrong w/ HUSL combined w/ scholarship funds. The recruiting at Howard is excellent and the location provides a myriad of opportunities.

I encourage you to research our starting salaries and quality of life at your local bookstore. I'm sure you'll find Howard to be the best option here. I wish you luck!

Re: Anyone with personal experience choosing Howard w/$$$ over T14?
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Thanks for sharing.  I have done quite a bit of research on both schools.  I attended their open houses, met with professors and students and even gathered stats on employment and clerkship placement.  I found the facilities at the T14 a step above those at Howard (not surprising).  However, the wireless connectivity and lounge area complete with fireplace at the T14 comes at a cost... :-\  The fact is - none of those extras are necessary for my study of law.

I thought by now, this decision would be made...I've come across quite a few people who selected Howard over higher ranked schools, but none (yet) that selected it over a T14.  Ultimately, I'll need to make this decision based on my own needs and goals.  However, a little market research would hurt.

Would you mind answering a few questions?

Where do you fall in Howard's class and how has your rank impacted your job search?  Do you have a job following graduation?  If so, in which city?

Thanks again for your comments Gross Negligence. I appreciate your input.