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I just recently decided to attend Ohio State Law school. I really don't have anything all that specific to talk about. Just wanted to start a board for all the incoming 1L's to talk. I am originally from Columbus, so I know the area very well (grew up in Upper Arlington, 3 minutes from campus) I'd love to hear from you guys and if anyone will be there this summer, I am working at Vorys downtown, so I'll be around. I'd love to meet some of you guys and gals and get to know you before the work starts.

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Hey when you applied to OSU, did they tell you that you were admitted online, or did it just say "decision" and you had to wait for it in the mail?

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I'll be attending Moritz this fall. I live in California (raised and been living there for most of my life), but I wanted somewhere different for law school for a change, which is why I chose OSU (and my best friend lives in Columbus and we work together on films). Anyway, I just got admitted last Thursday (3/31) via phone. I got my acceptance letter yesterday in the mail finally and I sent my deposit in this morning.

Is anyone planning to live on-campus or off? Also, how many are from out of state?

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I didnt apply until March 25th because I got my LSAT score back so late. I can give you some suggestions on where to live. I went to OSU undergrad, and my old roommate was from Cali. He was from Sherman Oaks.

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I am going in the fall!  I'd love some advice on where to look for an apartment...I'm thinking Victorian Village, Short North, or Grandview/Upper Arlington.

Any specific suggestions, anyone?

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Victorian Village and Grandview are about the same, both great places to live, more of a school vibe. Short North is more right on High St., and is more expensive. UA is a suburb, but it is also nice. German village is pretty good as well.

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It obviously depends on what you want to spend and if you have a car or are willing to take a bus. If you aren't going to live on campus, then there are a few places that make sense. Grandview, and Victorian Village both make a lot of sense. If you get into Arlington, you are probably going to pay more for an apartment than its worth cause of the schools.

Little history: Northwestern Graduate (illinist, you go to NU?) Grew up in Arlington and know the area well. I'll be home all summer, but in Chicago until I walk for graduation. I am going to live in the apartments next to the law school.

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I'm also joining the Moritz community this fall. Been living in Ohio my whole life. Nice state.

My fiance and I have seen a number of townhouses in larger developments (the kind that managed by one company and always have vacancies). Has anybody looked to rent townhouses/condos from smaller managing companies or individual owners? I ask because the layouts of all the places we've seen so far are kind of boring, and I don't think we're going to encounter anything different if we keep looking at these big places.


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« Reply #8 on: April 11, 2005, 10:32:16 PM »
I'm leaning towards OSU and just wanted to say "Hi!"

I've been in Ohio most of my life. I just don't think i can turn down the money for OSU.

I'm looking at places a bit north and west of campus. Looked at Grandview today.....nice place, very college-y, but not quite what I'm looking for. What else are you guys finding, and at what prices?

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Yes, I did go to Northwestern and I'm still in Chicago.  I graduated in 2003.