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It's official: I'll be at Villanova this fall. I'd welcome any chatter with current VLS students or prospectives.

I just received my acceptance today.  I really wasn't expecting it, so I had other plans made.  Now I'm not so sure what I want to do.  If I (meaning mom and dad) can come up with the money, I think Villanova is my best option.  What made you decide to go?

It came down to a choice between Villanova and Rutger-Camden. And Villanova does a much better job of placing in Philadelphia, which is where I want to be. Rutgers really has a sense that it is for New Jersey people and that they place mainly in New Jersey.

My parents just told me they can't help me.  Have you looked into financial aid at all?  I'm going for a tour this Friday.  I'm a little thrown by what I hear about the school.  Everyone tells me it's yuppy, and that's not me at all. 

All loans for me. Yuppy? I thought those died out in the '80s.


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