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Hey, I'm looking at UVA as a school I definately want to go to, however, not many people know much about the statistics of the current entering class, so I was wondering if you guys would let me know roughly what you think got you in, and what range your scores fell in.  I've heard it's getting a lot harder to get in and of course that makes me extremely nervous, because while my grades and practice tests are pretty good, they are phenominal, which I'm starting to fear is what I need.... so, any advice for a prospective student?

Well, I haven't started yet, but I will be attending UVa this fall. The stats are on their website: roughly 3.4-3.8 range, 3.65 median GPA. 166-170 range, 169 median LSAT. In-state is a little easier, since their is a 40% in-state quota, I believe. I had a roughly 3.6/172 out of state, applied regular decision. Practice LSAT's started at 159, went as high as 176 before finally scoring 172.

I had a 163 and was a legacy and didn't get in.

3.6, 171


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