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Any current students out there??

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congrats! have you already visited the campus? if so what did you think?

I sent in my application late January, heard back in late March. I have been to the campus twice. Once for a information day, and once for a financial aid info day. I am happy with the campus, it is just another dowtown building, it is not a beautiful large campus like some traditional universities have. The library is really nice though. I have friends who went there and really liked it and the location is great. There is a new admitted student day soon, April 30th I think..

Well hopefully I'll hear something soon.I would love to visit. If you don't mind my asking what's so great about it's location? Or are you referring to the Houston area in general?

The location in general, Houston has a lot of great stuff. It is buy a million companies, right downtown, close to the toyota center and minute maid park, just near neat stuff. I would imagine that would be good for internships and connections also, but I am not sure of what all law firms are in the area. do you live in Houston? Or Texas?

No, actually I live in Maryland. But I've been hearing very good things regarding the Houston area as well as South Texas, thats why its become one of my top choices. Did you get a chance to talk with any of the students?


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