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Any current students out there??

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I thought you couldn't work during the school semester if you're a 1L unless you're part-time. I'm not sure about why they don't give out a lot $$$. Mayhe their alums don't give back to much $$$ to the school or something. who knows. im just glad their tution is under 25k! ;D

For those of you who went, what did you think of the admitted students reception? I've heard lots of positive things so far.

I went to the admitted day, and I was actually very impressed. The school looks not so great on the outside, just a downtown building, but on the inside was very cool. It has a very professional feel to it. They showed us one court room that was just awesome....can't really think of how to describe it, but it was nice. The staff all seems to be open to questions, though I really didn't talk to them in detail about anything. I am really excited about just being involved at the school, sounds like lots to do. It sounds also as if the school also teaches in a practical, hands on way. I am also super excited about summer abroad programs to malta....

cool! it must be a pretty nice place to attend school. ive nothing but good things regarding STCL. to bad im STILL waiting to hear though. :'(

Hi, everyone! I'll be attending in the fall, too. I sent in my application Feb 14 and heard back May 2, I believe. I missed out on the new student welcome, I guess. That sucks. I took the LSAT there and the times I've been to the campus I've been very impressed with the helpfulness of the staff. My lawyer had just graduated from STCL and he's one of the reasons I decided to attend law school. I haven't really heard anything too specific.

I like Houston. I've lived here for 18 years. I'm up in Spring now, but I work in Montrose, 3.5 miles away from the school. My boyfriend and I work together, so I'm going to catch the bus from work, which will be much easier and cheaper than trying to park. Downtown has definitely changed over the years, although I don't get down there too much.


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