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getting this started

Where are the Law Students living?  Anyone need a roomamte?  Where are you all from?

I am from Kansas City MO and looking forward to moving to Florida.

I am also considering Coastal.  The more I hear about the school, the more I am convinced that the school and Jacksonville may be a good fit for me.  I would be coming down from Michigan and would also like to hear where people are renting and their thoughts about the school and area.

I just received a relocation guide from Jacksonville today, and have been going over the apartment guide pretty heavily.

Something pretty fun to do is to use the Google map tool and type Florida Coastal, Jacksonville in.  ONce you get the local map, type in apartments and it shows geographically where they are in relation to the school.

From what I understand a good number of students live in the Southside area of the city.  That's where I'm planning to be.  It is loaded with apartments.

Have any of you visted the area? I am going down there on the 15, so I will figure alot out then.  What area codes to you mean by south side and how far is it from the school?  I like the looks and stats on Jacksonville except it has high crime rates, you can only tell so much on the internet though, I am looking forward to a visit.  Have you found any particularly interesting websites on Jacksonville or the school?  The google site was real helpfull.

I was there this past weekend.  The area is really nice.  I am looking for a roommate as well. 21/f smoker, if anyone is interested.


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