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Any thoughts on Toledo?

Re: Any thoughts on Toledo?
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As I figured, this is not a voluntary reduction in responsibilities.

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The situation with the Dean right now is kind of comical, sadly enough. I've talked to both Closius and the provost, and both have admitted in so many words that it comes down to personal dislike of each other. Hopefully the provost will be a bigger man and realize that he has made a mistake. Closius performance has been great, and given the lack of a contract offer, a roughly 6% pay increase from five years ago is not a whole lot. I think the administration is pissy because he would be making as much or more than them. Too many egos involved in this one. As far as Dean Eisler goes, she is not leaving UT Law, as she is tenured. She has said that she will go back to full time teaching instead. This could shape up to be an interesting academic year if Closius isn't brought back.So much drama up in the LBC...

Re: Any thoughts on Toledo?
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Thanks for the update, always interesting to hear from an actual student.  Hopefully they'll just pay Snoop Dean and we won't have to worry.

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The Dean's appeal has been denied. He will return to the faculty.

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Well that sucks. I hope that the provost had a strong candidate (or two) in mind when he made this decision. Sucks for Dean Closius, too. Kind of reminds me of the Kansas basketball situation a couple of years ago. Awesome program, with a class guy in Roy Williams running it. New athletic director comes in, and next thing you know Roy is at North Caroline. But, at least Kansas is still a premier program. Let us all hope the new dean can come in and sustain what Dean Closius has achieved, and continue the progress.

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I hope so, I'd like to see UT jump back in the T2. 

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The Toledo Blade strikes again. Seriously, what the hell did the Dean do to piss them off so much???

Law dean's demotion correct

Despite pressure from within the University of Toledo law school community and elsewhere, UT Provost Alan Goodridge should hold fast to his decision to demote the school's dean, Phillip Closius, to the teaching faculty.

The dean's demotion was announced by the university earlier this month, along with a similar demotion for David Stern in the college of arts and sciences, and it has stirred protests from some faculty as well as some current and former students.

But it would be a mistake for the provost to back away from his decision, though our reasons may not mesh with his.

Mr. Goodridge cited financial considerations when he announced the demotions, saying both men had requested expensive new contracts for themselves and key staff, contracts the university cannot afford in its present financial condition.

While that is no doubt true, we think an even better reason for Mr. Closius' demotion is job performance.

We saw a glimmer of hope last year when the UT law school climbed into the second tier of American law schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report magazine. That put UT in a five-way tie for 94th place out of 177 law schools.

But in April the school had dropped back into familiar territory in the third tier, reinforcing the notion that a school which should do better is mired in its own mediocrity.

Mr. Closius' departure will provide the university with an opportunity to conduct a true national search and find a dean who can attract top-notch faculty, persuade those few strong faculty members already on staff to stay, and finally lift UT's law school to a level of respect its students and the community deserve.

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Did someone on staff at the Blade get denied admittance to UT Law and is now forced to go through life a mediocre journalist.  WTH.  The Blade really doesn't seem to like UT Law, this attitude is a real downer.  I turned down Penn St. to attend Toledo, and if anyone is familiar with Penn St. - Dickinson Law's past merger and the dual campus question, let me say that at least the community was overwhelmingly supportive of the Law School itself and it was a source of pride for the community.  Well, the Blade can go to hell, I liked UT and am excited about going.  Just found my appartment a few days ago and made my deposit.  I'll be at Cambridge Woods on Airport, about 2 1/2 miles from UT.

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The paper is being a bit intellectually dishonest.  Everyone who knows anything about the US News rankings knows that the differences between #94 and most of the Tier 3 (and much of the Tier 4, for that matter) is negligible.  One little move in any part of the US News equation, and a school can easily drop 20 - 30 spots.  It happens every year.

I'll be honest, I have no idea how Toledo managed to get into the second tier last year, given the competition from all the other Ohio schools and the fact that it is in Toledo.  The Dean must have been doing something right, that's all I have to say.

That said, I do think there is something going on at Toledo.  I received an e-mail from the financial aid office, and I was told that the person in charge of Financial Aid "retired."  Yeah, right, this person "retired" smack dab in the middle of the upswing part of the cycle and the school had no replacement.  That never did sound right to me.

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Actually, Beth Solo in Fin. Aid has had her retirement planned for over a year. While it wasn't officially announced until this past fall, she had been telling some students that fall '05 semester would be her last as far back as that spring. She has a long career at UT in the financial aid area and just decided it was time to go. Same for Liz the secratary in career services. Last I heard, both should have their full time replacements for this fall semester. We had various people from the main fin. aid office staffing the law college throughout last semester. Any delay was just budgetary issues with the university as a whole.