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Anyone attending Stetson out there??

Re: Anyone attending Stetson out there??
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Here is the scoop about Stetson's part-time program.  Many part-time students are having severe problems with getting classes to fit into their schedule.  So many problems that the dean scheduled meetings next week with the part-time classes to explain why they are not offering many evening classes.  Many part-time students are being forced to take classes that do not interest them, but have to because the class fits their schedule. 
Also, Stetson likes to brag about its new downtown Tampa campus but dont buy into it.  Stetson will only allow a student, part-time or full-time, to take a maximum of 15 credits hours at the Tampu campus.  The rest of your 88 credits hours is in Gulfport.  Not to mention the administration has no respect for the students.  During the reading period for exams in May, the Tampa campus was rented out to the public for a loud, drunken party with a live band on a Friday night.  The library was full with students studying for an exam the next morning.  Imagine attending a law school that allows drunken parties during final exams just outside the library.  Also, if you are conducting a visit check out the binder on the counter in the registar office.  It is the wait-list for the fall semester.  You will see the list of students who are having problems getting the classes they want.