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Anyone attending Stetson out there??

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Just curious to hear your thoughts on Stetson. What has your experience been like as a student and etc. any info is invited! thx ;D

Will be attending this I wanted to tag this thread.

Congrats! :D  I'm still waiting to hear from them.

Also still waiting - expecting an answer early next week. I applied for part-time.

I've been to some of their functions for prospective students and have been impressed by the faculty and students. The Tampa satellite campus is brand new and very nice, but in kind of a funky area and students have to go to both campuses. Also, I'm not sure that many professor have office hours in the Tampa campus, so you'd have to hike over to Gulfport (I would anyway).

I think full-time has to come over to Tampa once in a while, right? At least that is what was mentioned at the information sessions. Seems kind of silly if you are a full-time student in Gulfport to add travel time to an already full schedule...

Anyway, just some random thoughts, just woke up and coffee hasn't had time to do it's thing, my opinions might not be very coherent. :)

thanks for the info. I never knew you had to travel between the two. But I thought Tampa Bay wasn't to far from Gulfport?? I heard they are sending out the next batch of acceptances on tuesday. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to be in that group!  :D


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